Why use the Dents R Us PDR Training Acedemy 


Laury was one of the first Australians to fly to America and learn PDR. With 20 years in the industry he has come across nearly every dent that is possible. Laury is a patient trainer who can answer all your questions, will help you be a better technician and will share with you tips and tricks that less experienced trainers might not even know about.

Hands on training

Dent R Us training is hands on demonstration and instruction. You will practice on car doors, bonnets and panels. To successfully remove dents takes skill and confidence. You could purchase a video, or go to a less experienced trainer but you will most likely be a better PDR technician and need much less time perfecting this skill with the personalised tuition provided through Dents R us.

A trainer who tells you like it is

Laury paces the course to suit where you are at. With small class sizes a practical evaluation of each student's ability takes place on a continuing basis during the training period. Appropriate discussion and feedback is given throughout to ensure each student gets the most out of the course.